“Golos” political party

“Golos” is a liberal democratic party founded by Sviatoslav Vakarchuk in 2019. We are the first liberal party to form a faction in the Verkhovna Rada. Our goal is to build a modern European country with the maximum weakening of various forms of state and social coercion on a person. We stand for the path of peaceful, reformatory implementation of social transformations.

“Golos” is about liberal values:
  • A person is more important than the state;
  • Equality of all people regarding individual rights;
  • When it comes to the economy, we support open market, freedom of entrepreneurship, minimal state intervention in market rules;
  • In the state, there should be the same rules for everyone, the rule of law and European legal principles;
  • In the social sphere, there must be equal opportunities and no discrimination;
  • We are the first Parliament party to support Kyiv Pride;
  • A separate important marker for us is ecology and Ukraine's participation in the European Green Course;
  • We are progressive, focused on innovation and digitalization;
  • We are a pro-Ukrainian party. Ukrainian language, culture, history, and statehood are crucial for us.

“Golos” faction in the Verkhovna Rada is made up of 20 MPs. 9 of them are women. In the local council elections in 2020, we received 300 mandates from West to East. Half of our deputies in local councils are women. Since 2023, “Golos” party has been a member of the international liberal association "Liberal International".