Kira Rudik
05 Jul 2024#UK

All major parties of Great Britain support aid to Ukraine, — Kira Rudik on the new parliament of the United Kingdom

All the political forces of the United Kingdom support Ukraine in resisting russian aggression, but the task of our state is to establish cooperation with the new majority. Ukrainian MP, «Golos» party leader, ALDE Vice President Kira Rudik believes so. «Labor was expected to win the election. We congratulate our sister party the Liberal Democrats on an excellent result, higher than expected. We hope to establish productive cooperation with the new parliament of the United Kingdom», — the politician said.  In addition, the most important thing is that the UK is a country with no risks for helping Ukraine from a change in the political landscape.  «The United Kingdom is one of those countries for which we did not have to worry much about the elections because all the major parties in the Kingdom support Ukraine and help us», — the leader of «Golos» emphasized.