Kira Rudik
01 Apr 2024#confiscation#assets

In the issue of confiscation of frozen russian assets, it is time to move to real actions, — Kira Rudik in an interview with The Independent

Реальні кроки з конфіскації заморожених російських активів необхідні вже і тому зараз слід зосередити зусилля на роботі з країнами Великої Сімки та урядами партнерів. На цьому наголосила народна депутатка України, лідерка партії «Голос», віцепрезидентка ALDE Кіра Рудик в інтервʼю The Independent.

«At the beginning, everyone said no. Now, most nations have come around to the idea. But it is much easier to go from no to maybe, than from yes to actual action. We are working to convince all G7 members to support the plan to confiscate the frozen russian assets, as it requires unanimity, and there are still countries that are unsure», — the «Golos» leader stressed. In the issue of confiscation of frozen russian assets, a leading country is needed. The one who will be the first to adopt the relevant legislation and with this example will give impetus to others. It could be the United Kingdom. «We need to figure out how to get the support that we need without getting into people’s pockets. Most of the people agree with us and say that it is a great idea, and that they support it. Now, we need someone, maybe British politicians, to show leadership in this setting», — the politician accentuated.