Kira Rudik
20 Oct 2023#confiscation#parliament#Canada

MPS of Ukraine call on Parliament and Government of Canada to support the bill on confiscation of russia’s sovereign assets, — Kira Rudik

Members of the Ukrainian Parliament called on the Government and Parliament of Canada to fully support the bill which allows for confiscating and repurposing russian sovereign assets. 50 MPs signed the letter. It was reported by the initiator of the appeal, MP of Ukraine, leader of «Golos» party, ALDE Vice President Kira Rudik. «We are talking about the bill S-278 tabled by Canadian Senator Ratna Omidvar. This enactment amends the Special Economic Measures Act to allow the Governor in Council to dispose of a foreign state’s assets seized under the Act if the seizure occurred without a judicial order», — the MP clarified. The adoption of the bill on confiscation of sovereign russian assets would set up a precedent and not only ensure justice for the victims of russia's crimes but also deter dictators around the world from aggressive foreign policy. Canada has already become the first G7 country to begin the process of arresting and confiscating the assets of a sanctioned russian oligarch. The author of the relevant legislative initiative was Senator Ratna Omidvar. «Ratna Omidvar systematically supports Ukraine, and this initiative is a powerful step that we discussed with her at last week's meeting. I believe that Canada can become a leader in this area of support for Ukraine», — Kira Rudik emphasized.