Kira Rudik
06 Oct 2023#confiscation#parliament#USA

Our partners are looking for ways to confiscate russian assets and we are already expecting positive news about interest from frozen russian funds, — Kira Rudik

Interest accrued on the frozen funds of the russian federation may shortly be transferred to Ukraine. This was announced by a Ukrainian MP, the leader of the «Golos» party, and Vice President of ALDE Kira Rudik on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada. "Our allies, namely the US, agree that russian assets should be confiscated for the benefit of Ukraine and are now looking for ways to do so. This is a step forward. Until now, we have been convinced that it is necessary to do this, and we have been looking for different solutions. Now we are in a situation where shortly, the interest accrued on these frozen russian assets may be transferred to Ukraine" the leader of «Golos» said According to Kira Rudik, the latest statements from our partners, and especially from the representatives of the US, indicate that we are getting closer to methods of confiscating russian assets and transferring them to Ukraine.

"Currently, democratic countries have about $500 billion of frozen russian funds. And if we managed to finally move forward with confiscating russian assets and transferring them to Ukraine, we could have money for the war, reconstruction, and other things we need. That is why a large part of our international work with colleagues concerns the process of confiscation of assets" the MP emphasized