Kira Rudik
12 Apr 2023#animals#parliament#EU

The European integration law banning the use of fireworks will ensure humane treatment of animals, — Kira Rudik

The draft law prohibiting the use and sale of fireworks and pyrotechnics on the territory of Ukraine is about concern for the moral and psychological state of people. In addition, it is harmonized with European legislation. An MP of Ukraine, leader of the Golos party, and co-chair of the inter-factional association Humane Country Kira Rudik emphasizes this. "In fact, this ban already existed at the city level, but it was rarely enforced. Now, when there are more and more veterans in Ukraine, more and more people for whom explosions are horror, pain, and memories of air attacks, we believe that there is no reason to continue using pyrotechnics. We live in a society that is deeply traumatized, and we should be engaged in supporting each other, helping to get through this difficult situation, and not traumatizing with loud explosions. They are a holiday for some, and for others, a reminder of the horrors they experienced" emphasizes the MP In addition, according to Kira Rudik, the document also takes care of animals that are afraid of loud sounds. "This draft law is European integration, that is, it is coordinated with the way the EU works, which we will soon be a part of. And this document is also important for the humane treatment of animals. I'm sure everyone has a story about how an animal got scared by the explosions and ran away. I hope that now it will happen much less" the representative of Golos summarized