Kira Rudik
03 Apr 2024#EU#USA#support

The future of Europe and the USA is difficult to predict because no one knows what the world will be like if Ukraine does not win, — Kira Rudik at TPN Transatlantic Week 2024

It is crucial for Ukraine that both the United States and Europe demonstrate leadership in supporting our fight against russian aggression. This was emphasized by Ukrainian MP, «Golos» party leader, ALDE Vice President Kira Rudik during the discussion of TPN Transatlantic Week 2024 in the walls of the European Parliament. «It is important for Ukraine that the support and assistance for our resistance to russian aggression are joint and synchronized both from the USA and Europe. We are aware of how difficult the election period is for both continents. But, unfortunately, enemy rockets and projectiles do not wait for the end of the elections», — the MP stressed. The discussion focused on whether the European-US partnership would demonstrate sufficient political leadership to win the war in Ukraine and what the situation would be for both continents. «The future for the US and Europe is difficult to predict. Because no one knows what the world will be like if Ukraine does not win. And for everyone who talks about negotiations with putin, there is one question: knowing the price of the kremlin's promises, even after the announcement of a «ceasefire», will you get on a plane to Kyiv?», — the «Golos» leader summed up.