Kira Rudik
11 Apr 2024#confiscation#assets

The West should not be afraid of the possible consequences of the confiscation of russian assets, — Kira Rudik

The fears that still exist in the West regarding the confiscation of frozen russian assets can be fought and opportunities to convince partners can be found. Ukrainian MP, «Golos» party leader, ALDE Vice President Kira Rudik thinks so.   «The main obstacle to the confiscation of frozen russian assets is the lack of a single mechanism for all countries. There are actually a few ideas here that could be implemented. For example, what London is proposing is to confiscate assets as a loan at the expense of future reparations from the russian federation. The second obstacle is the fear that confiscation will provoke putin to escalate or use nuclear weapons. The aggressor is provoked precisely by weakness and a weak reaction to their crimes. putin's russia is a great illustration of how unpunished evil is getting bigger and bigger. The third obstacle is the fear that the confiscation of russian assets will lead to the fact that the assets of Western companies still operating in the russian federation will also be confiscated. In fact, the kremlin speculates a lot on this and even offers an exchange of frozen assets. But why, after two years of full-scale war, are there any Western businesses that have not left the russian market? Are they waiting for their assets to be transferred to representatives of a circle close to putin? There are already such examples», — the MP emphasizes. No less important is the question of the effectiveness of the sanctions pressure introduced against the russian federation. The aggressor has learned to bypass it, and therefore control is needed. «Another thing is the effectiveness of sanctions. In the EU, after the elections to the European Parliament, they promise to create a single body that will deal with the issue of sanctions, their unification, and also the issue of their circumvention. However, we still ask: what prevented the creation of this mechanism earlier?», — the leader of «Golos» notes.