Kira Rudik
03 Jun 2024

To deprive russia of influence, we need to consolidate the efforts of our partners, — Kira Rudik at a meeting with the French Ambassador

Ukraine's expectation from the meetings at the highest level scheduled for June —  the G7 summit and the Global Peace Summit — is to deprive russia of influence and increase aid to Ukraine. This was emphasized by Ukrainian MP, leader of the «Golos» party, ALDE Vice President Kira Rudik at a meeting with the French ambassador to Ukraine Gaël Veyssière.  «Before the summit of the G7 countries and the Global Peace Summit, it is important to remind our partners that our goal remains the same — victory. To bring it closer, we need resources — funds and weapons. Those funds do exist — frozen russian assets. Not only the interest but also the funds themselves. Weapons are needed in large quantities, on time, and without limits on use», — the MP emphasized. At the same time, it is necessary to continue consolidating the efforts of both partners and Ukrainian politicians to get on board as many countries as possible to put pressure on the russian federation.  «It is equally critical to deprive russia of its influence. There is already less of it in Western countries, but still enough in the countries of the Global South. And here, too, consolidated efforts with partners are needed», — leader of «Golos» emphasized.