Kira Rudik
12 Feb 2024#confiscation#assets

Victory of Ukraine and fair punishment for the aggressor are needed for sustainable peace in Europe, — Kira Rudik

The global security of the democratic world depends on the victory of Ukraine and the just punishment of the aggressor country. This was emphasized by Ukrainian MP, «Golos» party leader, ALDE Vice President Kira Rudik at a meeting with Estonian Ambassador to Ukraine Anneli Kolk. «Peace for Europe and the entire democratic world is possible only if russia is defeated in this war. For this, Ukraine must win, and the aggressor must be justly punished. Estonia fully shares this position. A separate topic was the confiscation of frozen russian assets. Here, Estonia is one of the leaders both in terms of the development of mechanisms and legislative support. And so far, the Tallinn’s idea is a kind of model for EU countries», — the MP stressed. At the meeting, they also talked about the russian threat to Europe in general and the Baltic countries in particular. Kira Rudik thanked the ambassador for her clear position on bringing kremlin criminals to justice. «Just punishment of the aggressor will ensure stable peace and global security», — the «Golos» leader summed up.