Kira Rudik
15 Mar 2024#confiscation#assets

We must not allow using frozen russian assets as an element of trade, — Kira Rudik

Ukraine and its partners must be ready for any development of events regarding armed and financial assistance after the elections in the USA. Therefore, by this time, you should either start confiscating russian funds or document your intentions to do this as soon as possible. Ukrainian MP, «Golos» party leader, ALDE Vice President Kira Rudik emphasizes this in a column for the publication «Ukrainska Pravda».  «There is a deadline for the confiscation of frozen russian assets — November 5, 2024, the presidential election in the United States. Until then, our ultimate goal is to confiscate the frozen russian assets. The bare minimum goal is to ensure that no subsequent leader of the White House can roll back the sanctions and transfer these funds to the kremlin within the framework of certain agreements. So we need to strengthen our work with partners more than ever», — the «Golos» leader underlines. At the same time, the confiscation of the frozen russian assets would be a solution for both our state and partners. «Ukraine would receive the necessary funds, partners would ease the financial burden, and politicians would have answers to many questions of their voters. But the main thing is that other totalitarian regimes will see a clear signal that aggression against sovereign states does not go unanswered», — the politician accentuates.  According to Kira Rudik, all the conditions for a successful result are there. «A group of experts on legal issues has approved the seizure of frozen assets of the russian central bank worth $300 billion, as such actions are permitted by international law given the scale of russia's invasion of Ukraine. They sent a corresponding letter to the G7 countries. Also, in the resolution of the European Parliament in support of Ukraine dated February 29, 2024, there is a call to the EU to create reliable legal mechanisms for the confiscation of frozen russian assets. These funds should be directed to the reconstruction of the destroyed and compensation to the victims», — the MP explains.