Kira Rudik
16 Jan 2024#confiscation#assets#ALDE#sanctions

We need systemic strategic support in terms of weapons, sanctions, and confiscation of frozen russian assets, — Kira Rudik in an interview for ALDE

Ukraine is doing everything to defeat the enemy and liberate its territories, but for this, we need the support of our partners. It concerns weapons, sanction pressure on the aggressor, and progress on the track of confiscation of frozen russian assets. Also, this support should not depend on election cycles or internal crises. This was emphasized by Ukrainian MP, leader of the «Golos» party, and ALDE Vice President Kira Rudik in an interview for ALDE.

«The main goal for Ukraine is to bring us as close to the victory as possible. To achieve this, we need to ensure we have enough trained people to fight. But we also need to rely on the support of our partners and ensure that all political promises will be put into action. As a politician, as a member of ALDE Party, as a citizen of Ukraine, I am very concerned that we are entering the new year without confirmed support from the EU or the United States», — the MP noted.  Kira Rudik thanked all ALDE sister parties for their support and for encouraging their governments to support both at the national and European levels. However, she emphasized the importance of effective sanctions, because the russian federation finds ways to circumvent them.   «russia is partnering up with countries like Iran and North Korea, and could gear up its military production easily as a result. When I get asked what should be included in the next sanctions package, all I can say is let’s make sure the previous sanctions work. For example, russia is using sanction loopholes to produce more weapons. This is not right. The global community – without vetoes and without stalling the process – needs to ensure that the sanctions are upheld», — the leader of «Golos» accentuated. Equally important is the process of confiscation of frozen russian assets. These are funds that both Ukraine and those who support it need. «In this context, I want to acknowledge the efforts by Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. By using the interest calculated for russian frozen assets to provide support for Ukraine, he has created a viable precedent and demonstrated leadership», — the politician summed up