Today, many women who aspire to find fulfillment in business or politics face many challenges and problems. I am convinced that the best solution to those challenges would be joint work, mutual support, and female mentoring. The IT-company where I was a top-manager had the highest percentage of women in the Ukrainian industry — about 35%. In the “Golos” party, more than a half of the deputies of local councils are women. I am also a member of the "Equal opportunities" parliamentary group, which advocates for equality and support for women in all areas of public life. At ALDE, I am responsible for the advocacy of female leadership and the “Alliance of Her” program created for women from various European countries who are starting their careers in politics. About 200 participants have completed the program, having received knowledge, experience, and support from the leaders of European politics. I am proud of our graduates and the changes they are implementing in their countries, as well as the example they will become for future generations of girls and women.