Kira Rudik
16 Feb 2024#ALDE#liberal#democracy

ALDE parties support Ukraine and this is a good signal before the elections to the European Parliament, — Kira Rudik

The victory of the liberal democratic parties in the elections to the European Parliament is important for Ukraine. After all, these political forces declare their support for our state in resisting russian aggression and strengthening the EU. This is emphasized by Ukrainian MP, «Golos» party leader, ALDE Vice President Kira Rudik. «The ALDE parties are going to the elections to the European Parliament with appeals that Ukraine should be supported, that the security of the whole of Europe depends on our success on the battlefield and victory in the war. These parties are going to the elections with the fact that Europe itself needs to strengthen its security capabilities and not depend so much on the USA. These parties go to the elections with the idea that even though authoritarian regimes are coming, the freedoms that exist in European countries are what makes us all Europeans», — the «Golos» leader stresses. The liberal parties in the upcoming elections must get a result no worse than they have now. After all, they are opposed by populist and right-wing forces. «This is crucial because there are a huge number of parties in Europe that say that it is necessary to agree with putin, that all problems are caused by migrants. And these are very familiar narratives. This is a big threat. Because the arrival of the extreme right or populists in the European Parliament will affect aid to Ukraine, will incline the leaders to agreements with putin and inhibit Ukraine's accession to the EU», — the MP states.