Kira Rudik
24 Jan 2024#women#leadership#Poland

Female leadership is important for the development of democracies, — Kira Rudik at a meeting with Barbara Nowacka

Ukrainian MP, «Golos» party leader, ALDE Vice President Kira Rudik spoke about the importance of female political leadership and common challenges for Ukraine and Poland at a meeting with Polish Minister of Education Barbara Nowacka. «We talked about the digitization of education, the needs of Ukrainian children in Poland, and common challenges for our countries that have arisen due to russian aggression. And also about female leadership. Barbara Nowacka is a fantastic example of it. She started as a social activist, followed the path of protests and opposition, and after the victory of the progressive forces, became a minister in the government of Donald Tusk», — the MP said. According to Kira Rudik, Barbara Nowacka is a fantastic example of female leadership.  «We met when she was helping support Ukrainians who sought refuge from the war in Poland, and now we met when Barbara heads the Ministry of Education of her country. Barbara is a driver of support for women in politics, although she knows this path is not easy. She is convinced that female leadership is important for democracies, and we are allies with her», — the leader of «Golos» stressed.