Kira Rudik
29 Mar 2024#confiscation#assets

Kira Rudik, Bill Browder, and Alan Mendoza called for speeding up the confiscation of the frozen russian assets

The United Kingdom understands that in the issue of confiscation of russian assets, it is necessary to speed up and make a decision before the presidential elections in the USA. Otherwise, there are risks that these funds may be returned to the russian federation. This was emphasized by Ukrainian MP, «Golos» party leader, ALDE Vice President Kira Rudik during the event on the confiscation of the frozen russian assets, which the Henry Jackson Society organized. «Everyone agreed that the deadline for decisions on the confiscation of russian assets is the presidential election in the United States. Because there are many risks that these funds can be returned to russia», — the «Golos» leader stressed. According to Kira Rudik, there is a shift in the confiscation of frozen assets, particularly in the UK. However, the process should be revived. «Currently, $26 billion of sovereign and $20.95 billion of private russian assets are frozen in the United Kingdom. A draft law on the confiscation of sovereign funds of the aggressor state has been registered in the parliament. And the idea of the head of the British Foreign Ministry, David Cameron, about the «loan» of assets at the expense of future reparations is being lively discussed. Also, the security agreement between Ukraine and the UK states that the United Kingdom, together with its partners, will continue to work out all legal ways of confiscation», — the MP underlined.  The event was also attended by Bill Browder, author of the Magnitsky Act, and Alan Mendoza, CEO of the Henry Jackson Society. «I would like to note separately: our British partners recognize the illegitimacy of putin as the president of the russian federation, and this creates additional mechanisms for sanctions pressure», — the politician summed up.