Kira Rudik
21 Mar 2024#ALDE

russia must lose the war and the liberal democrats understand it, — Kira Rudik on the resolution of the ALDE Congress

The ALDE resolution, which was supported by an absolute majority at the Alliance Congress, provides strengthening the armed and financial support of Ukraine. Ukrainian MP, «Golos» party leader, ALDE Vice President Kira Rudik reported this. «The ALDE Congress overwhelmingly supported the resolution on support for Ukraine. It states that russia must lose the war, and for this, our country needs to be helped with weapons, joint production of ammunition, and the transfer of interest from the frozen russian assets», — said the politician.  Separately, the resolution specified strengthening armed aid to Ukraine and repelling russian aggression. «The document also includes a call to provide Ukraine with Gripen fighters, other combat aircraft, and long-range missiles. It calls on the EU and NATO allies to allocate no less than 0.25% of their GDP annually to support Ukraine in the military sphere. I am grateful to my colleagues from «Golos», Servants of the People and Centerpartier for preparing the document. I am also grateful to the ALDE delegates for understanding why this is important», — the politician emphasized.