Kira Rudik
11 Mar 2024#USA#support

Our success depends very much on the timing of aid supplies from the allies, — Kira Rudik

Ukraine needs US aid as soon as possible, so any delay or time for additional consideration of new packages is dangerous. Ukrainian MP, «Golos» party leader, ALDE Vice President Kira Rudik emphasizes this. «We are now trying to convey to our allies that time is paramount to us. And time passes completely differently when you are sitting in a trench or a bomb shelter and when you are in a peaceful country. For us, it makes a huge difference when the aid package is approved: tomorrow or in a few months. And the results that the Ukrainian army can show depend very much on this time», — the «Golos» leader underlines. That is why the new packages proposed by the Republicans are not very good news for Ukraine. After all, their consideration and approval require time which we do not have. «The Republican wing in the US has decided to create their own aid package for Ukraine, which they will propose to the Senate. This is a dangerous step for us because it takes time, and it may happen that the new package that the Republicans are preparing will become a hostage of domestic political issues in the USA», — the MP explains.